Meet Adewale Adeyemi – Receiving a New Lease Of Life.

Adewale was brought into the Bethesda family through a contact that met us at the palace of the Ooni of Ife. Few days later in January 2017, we saw a chattered Taxi entering our premises with our card. Two men were carrying an almost lifeless body. The first decision was to return the person, but the men will not agree. He could only answer to is name and nothing else. Adewale was sent directly to our affiliate hospital to check if he had a particular infection. But was later found out that he was only suffering from malnutrition. 

Mummy Chioma  (Our proprietor), advised that adewale be kept in their hospital under intensive care. He was kept there for 6 weeks looking a bit better but atill unable to walk. He could not remember anything, we then moved him down to the dentist, who washed his teeth to what it is today.

Mama chioma made an intensive care for him with special diet and walking exercises. He responded to care, and within another four weeks, he started learning to walk, few yards and longer yards and thereon after improving better.

The pictures no 1 – 3 tells the whole story.

The first picture was when he arrived at our campus, the second picture was he was taken to the dentist in march 2017, the third picture is today after 6 months.

Mr Adewale was not born blind according to the mother, But the marriage between her and her usband broke down 3 years after Mr adewale was born. The father then consigned him to a prayer church at 14 years of age, where he was abandoned – no care, no education, no training of any sort.

Though brought to bethesda to be abandoned, Adewale’s story is changing and it will change for the better. Mummy chioma is going to tell you further success at the next opportunity.

Mr Adewale Before and After

IMG_4429 copy IMG_5589

To God Be The Glory.

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