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Giving Care To Physically Challenged Persons, Who are Visually Impaired (Blind) and Helpless.

Bethesda Family is a collection of men, women and youths brought together because of the problem of visual disability, but determined to succeed, bound together through training, hardwork and love..

  • Together we are strong.
  • Love binds us together.
  • Love Strengthens us.
  • Love is our message to the world.
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For over two decades, our journey has been fueled by boundless love, overcoming every obstacle in its path. Led by the compassionate Mrs. Chioma Ohakwe (CEO), our loving family extends from our dedicated staff to the entire student/beneficiaries body.
Your support is a crucial part of this journey. As we continue to navigate the challenges faced by visually impaired individuals, your contribution becomes the driving force behind our mission. Whether you choose to donate, sponsor a program, or contribute in any other way, you become a vital member of our extended family.
Bethesda's love, described as agape, transcends boundaries. It doesn't distinguish based on tribe, origin, educational level, or religious background. Every ounce of support you provide is a testament to this universal love, fostering a community where visually impaired individuals are embraced, empowered, and given the opportunity to thrive.
Join us in making a lasting impact. Your support is not just a donation; it's an investment in creating a brighter future for the visually impaired individuals under our care. Together, let's continue this journey of love, resilience, and transformation.

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