Bethesda Home for the blind is a voluntary Non-Profit Organisation set up to give care to physically challenged persons who are visually impaired (blind) and helpless. Facilities provided by the government all over the country to provide services to visually impaired (blind) persons are grossly inadequate.

Consequently, due to great compassion of the promoters for the blind, the home was established to fill the gap in service delivery to this category of citizens.

The idea to set up the home arose from the fact that the promoters (Mrs. Chioma Ohakwe Evelyn) had siblings who were visually impaired. This provided her with the first hand knowledge and understanding of the difficulties the blind go through and the need to give them compassionate care and protection. The Home/School emerged informally in the late 1990s when a few people brought their blind relatives to join siblings of the promoter who were being taken care of. By 2001, a Home to care and address the needs of the blind had been formed.

Bethesda Home for the blind formally commenced operation in January 2005. An application was filled for registration and the Home was registered with corporate Affairs Commission on May 4, 206 CAC/IT/20802. Giving the Home/School a legal pedestal to operate.

Our Values

No Discrimination

Best Education

Completely Free

Good Health


What we offer


The Home/School is presently located at 31 Agege Motor Road Moshalashi Bus Stop Surulere Lagos Nigeria. It is accommodated decently with living rooms for boys separately and living room for girls separately, for privacy and convenience. Each students has a sleeping space and sleeping materials for their convenience

Band Set

The School/home has a band set which is used to provide training and recreation for the students. Equipment in the band set includes; keyboard, trumpet, guitars, loud speakers, band support musical equipment and others.

Musical Record Studio

A modern music recording studio designed with facilities to offer training to talented students with interest in music production.


The promoters and managers of the Home/School recognize proper nutrition as a necessity for good health. Therefore, students are fed with balanced diet at the appropriate time for their mental and physical health

Health Care Of Student

The Home/School has a resident registered Nurse as their health care worker, who attend to the immediate health need of the students. Thereafter, they are referred to the affiliate hospital when necessary.

Guidance And Counselling Services

The home/school provides guidance and counseling services to help them realize themselves and maximize their potential. It is also to improve their mood.


The home/school provides sporting services which helps to develop the students mentally and physically. The home/school has a football team called "The Lion squad" which participate in in-house and inter-school matches.

Library Services

The school provides the students and teaching staffs with library for studies and research. It also provides the equipment and material that aid the people in reading and writing.


The Home recognizes the important of agricultural as a parcae for the national growth, therefore invest training her students fish production. Our fish pond provides us with up to 3,500 cat fishes every six month for our consumption.

Our Mission

Providing comprehensive care, support, and empowerment to visually impaired individuals facing physical challenges. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and nurturing environment that enables our residents to thrive, pursue education, and realize their full potential.

Our Vision

To create a society where visually impaired individuals are not only cared for but also actively contributing members.

Admission of students into Bethesda

Admission Requirments

The admission of students into the home/school is without charges. WE CHARGE NO MONEY!


Students must be certified blind by an appropriate medical doctor.


Admission of students into the Home/School is without discrimination of gender, race, religion or political affiliation.


The prospective student must be medically fit as required by the Home/School.


The prospective student must agree to abide by the school rules and regulations.


The prospective student must be able to live within or without the school premises.


The student must provide a guarantor with a valid ID card and a passport photograph.

We currently have 86 students at various federal universities in Nigeria, doing excellently well.